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Ranked 6 of 26 for comprehensive power, with an overall score of 30.9 out of 100.


Australia is a middle power in Asia.

Its score increased by 0.1 points in 2022, a slight improvement on 2021, making Australia one of just six countries in the region to register an upward change in its overall score.

Australia performs best in defence networks, where it places second, though this score declined in 2022 due to relatively fewer defence dialogues being convened throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2022, Australia saw its greatest improvement in its diplomatic influence measure, which rose to fifth. Australia’s rising diplomatic influence score reflects greater confidence by experts surveyed in the ability of the new Albanese Labor government to advance Australia’s interests, as compared to the previous Morrison Coalition government.

Australia exerts more influence in the region than expected given its available resources, as indicated by the country’s positive power gap score.

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Bilateral Influence

Bilateral trade, current dollars (2020)

Countries that influence Australia

Globally, which countries does Australia do most of its trade with?

China 36.0%

Japan 9.4%

European Union 9.0%

United States 8.3%

South Korea 4.8%

Countries influenced by Australia

Which countries in the region rely most on trade with Australia?

Papua New Guinea 26.9%

New Zealand 12.9%

Brunei 5.3%

Japan 3.8%

China 3.4%