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Ranked 5 of 26 for comprehensive power, with an overall score of 31.6 out of 100.

Lost 1.4 points (−4% change) in overall score in 2023.


Russia is a middle power in Asia.

Russia’s overall score declined by 1.4 points over the past year, the fourth largest decline of any country in this edition of the Asia Power Index.

Russia’s strongest measure continues to be resilience, where it places second, reflecting the country’s ample resource security and well-established nuclear deterrence capability. Its weakest measure is economic relationships, where it places 18th, a decline of two places compared to 2021.

Russia failed to improve its ranking in any measure, while its largest decline was in diplomatic influence, where it dropped four places to eighth, reflecting regional views on its disastrous invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Moscow exerts less influence in the region than expected given its available resources, as indicated by the country’s negative power gap score, which has declined over the past year. Among other reasons, this points to Russia’s influence being limited by its position on the geographic periphery of Asia.

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Bilateral Influence

Bilateral trade, current dollars (2020)

Countries that influence Russia

Globally, which countries does Russia do most of its trade with?

European Union 33.8%

China 18.8%

Belarus 5.0%

United Kingdom 4.6%

United States 4.2%

Countries influenced by Russia

Which countries in the region rely most on trade with Russia?

Mongolia 11.3%

North Korea 5.4%

China 2.2%

South Korea 1.8%

Brunei 1.7%