New Zealand

Ranked 13 of 26 for comprehensive power, with an overall score of 19.0 out of 100.




New Zealand is a middle power in Asia.

The country’s power ranking has dropped by one place from last year, having been overtaken by Vietnam. The country is one of eighteen in the region to trend downward in its overall score in 2020, due largely to the economic toll of the coronavirus pandemic.

New Zealand performs best in the resilience and defence networks measures, where it places 6th. Its lowest ranking, in 19th place, occurs in the future resources measure. This reflects a likely relative loss in standing over the next decade in comparison to emerging middle powers in the region.

In 2020, New Zealand saw its greatest improvement in cultural influence, where it moved up one place. However, it has also slipped by two places in the economic capability measure, where New Zealand was surpassed by the fast-growing economies of Vietnam and the Philippines in Southeast Asia.

New Zealand exerts more influence in the region than expected given its available resources, as indicated by the country’s positive power gap score. While New Zealand is a net overachiever in Asia, its positive power gap deteriorated in 2020.

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