Ranked 9 of 26 for comprehensive power, with an overall score of 19.4 out of 100.


Indonesia is a middle power in Asia.

Indonesia is one of only six countries in the region to register an upward change in its overall score, albeit below pre-pandemic levels.

Indonesia performs best in the resilience and diplomatic influence measures, ranking seventh for both. Its weakest measures are military capability and defence networks, where it places 13th for both.

Indonesia recorded its strongest improvement in the resilience measure, where it rose three places to seventh. Indonesia’s diplomatic influence continues to show strong growth, reflecting its important role in ASEAN and as the 2022 chair of the G20.

Indonesia exerts slightly more influence in the region than expected given its available resources, as indicated by the country’s positive power gap score. Indonesia is a net overachiever in Asia, and its positive power gap continued to improve in 2022.

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Bilateral Influence

Bilateral trade, current dollars (2020)

Countries that influence Indonesia

Globally, which countries does Indonesia do most of its trade with?

China 24.7%

United States 8.9%

Japan 7.9%

European Union 7.6%

Singapore 7.5%

Countries influenced by Indonesia

Which countries in the region rely most on trade with Indonesia?

Singapore 5.1%

Philippines 4.1%

Pakistan 3.7%

Malaysia 3.7%

Myanmar 3.6%